Certificate Course Schedule

The following is an example of a certificate program course schedule. Students typically complete the program within 2 semesters.

Our program charges a full-time, per-semester flat rate for students taking 12 credits or more in a semester, and a part-time, per-credit rate for students taking fewer than 12 credits.


Course NameCredit(s)
CLTR 500: Research Ethics with Human Subjects3
CLTR 501: Introduction to Biostatistics in Clinical Research3
CLTR 502: Clinical Research Administration3
9 Credits

Students pay the per credit rate (new window).


Course NameCredit(s)
CLTR 506: Study & Clinical Trial Design2
CLTR 509: Directed Reading/Independent Study Project1-3
Elective 13
Elective 23
Elective 33
Elective 43
13-16 Credits

Students pay the per semester flat rate (new window).