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33 Credits

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What You’ll Learn

The Online Master of Science in Clinical & Translational Research prepares students to take on new roles in and around clinical research.

Our courses are aligned with NIH’s core competencies in clinical and translational research. Our mandatory capstone project is a summative assessment of the student’s knowledge in reviewing the literature, development of clear and testable hypotheses, selection of appropriate methods and a rigorous data analysis plan, consideration of research ethics with human subjects, and clarity of presentations and responses to questions.

Areas of Concentration

Students choose one of three areas of concentration based on their research interests, and take elective courses associated with their concentration.

This area of concentration provides training in the design and analysis of clinical studies for both observational and treatment trials. Students are encouraged to develop a protocol for a study involving human subjects or to participate in such a study and analyze the results. This could serve as a basis for the capstone project. The advisor and program faculty will work with each student to identify an appropriate mentor and project.

This area of concentration provides training focused on the importance of health and diversity in our community through community engagement and community-participatory research.

This area of concentration is tailored for trainees interested in how discoveries and findings from basic research can be turned into studies of human subjects. It offers students the opportunity to focus on the concepts, methods, and tools used in translational research.

 Visit Concentrations FAQ for more information.

Career Advancement

Our students benefit from the services of the Biomedical Graduate Education career office, including one-on-one advising, skills workshops, leadership programs and more.

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Featured Students

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Tiffany Brooks Roberts

“When I fall in love with something, there is a void that opens, and that void makes it hard to not research all that comes with whatever caught my eye.”

September 19, 2023

Taylor Schulte


Taylor Schulte

“The program spans topics such as ethics, epidemiology, clinical research administration, and project development, in order to provide a truly comprehensive base for a career in clinical research.”

October 17, 2018

Alexzander Ballard


Alexzander Ballard

“I am grateful to be a part of this education program as I know it will prepare me for my future endeavors.”

September 7, 2018